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    Spanish 2 is a preparatory course for Spanish 3.  The Checkpoint B exam is given at the end of Spanish 3 as a final exam.   The Checkpoint B exam is like a Regents Exam.  The main difference is that New York State is not creating the exam, local teachers are.  Students will still receive the same credits to obtain the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation upon passing the Spanish 3 course and Checkpoint B exam. To continue on to Spanish 3, students must pass the Spanish 2 course. The 4 marking periods and the local final exam are averaged together to obtain the final grade for Spanish 2.
    In Spanish 2, I will review material covered in Spanish 1, adding new material as we move through the year. In Spanish 3, I will review material covered in Spanish 2, adding new material as we move through the year.  Also, students will be immeresed in the language via several listening and reading activities. If you find that you need additional help, please make arrangements to stay after school with me.
    You will find that you may need to memorize again for continual use and not merely for reproduction on a test or quiz. You will be required to continually use the skills you learned in previous years as well as those that you will learn this year. Learning and understanding Spanish is like a building. If the foundation is weak, the building above will crumble. Having a solid foundation of the language will allow you to build upon it successfully.  
    The more vocabulary you know, the higher your Spanish 2 final exam AND Spanish 3 Checkpoint B exam grade is likely to be.
    Spanish 2
    Mon. 11/11 - No hay clases.
    Tues. 11/12 - Study vocabulary and group 2 frases - quiz Friday
    Wed. 11/13 - Study vocabulary and group 2 frases - quiz Friday
    Thurs. 11/14 - Study vocabulary and group 2 frases - quiz tomorrow
    Fri. 11/15 - Vocabulary quiz plus group 2 frases today. Study rest of vocabulary and group 3 frases.
    Spanish 3
    Mon. 11/11 - No hay clases
    Tues. 11/12 - Reading El Baile Parte 2- highlight, annotaye and answer the questions
    Wed. 11/13 - Study vocabulary 
    Thurs. 11/14 - Vocabulary quiz plus group group 3 frases today. Study email vocab
    Fri. 11/15 - Email vocab quiz today Study remaining vocabulary and group 4 frases