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  • Success in my English classes is heavily dependent upon good attendance, possession of a notebook and a planner, and a willingness to participate in the lesson provided - including whatever work is assigned for outside the classroom.

    To promote recreational reading, a special, unique to my English 10 classes, "book report" activity has been established.  Students choose a book from the list of books provided.  They spend some time with it until they determine whether reading it will be an enjoyable experience or not.  If not, they repeat the procedure until they do find a book that is enjoyable.  Once the book has been read, the teacher is informed.  The teacher then provides a writing activity for the book that has been read.  It is graded.  If the student likes the extra credit grade, the grade is added to the student's average.  If the student doesn't like the extra credit grade, that grade will not be added to the student's average.  Students  may read as many books from the list throughout the school year as they desire.  If a student desires to read a book for this activity that is not on the provided list, the book must be approved by the teacher.