Using Zoom to Join District Meetings

  • Please watch this video for a brief overview of connecting to a Zoom meeting, and audio/video basics.

    Audio, Questions, and Feedback:

    • In meetings with a large number of participants, all attendees will be muted by default.
    • During the meetings, you can provide nonverbal feedback via Zoom to raise your hand, indicate understanding, etc. Please familiarize yourself with this process.
    • When you have a question, you can raise your hand, or preferably send a chat message directly to the host.

    Helpful tips for students:

    • Make sure you’re muted when not talking
    • Be yourself and respect others
    • Ask questions using chat
    • Use reactions to engage with your class
    • Think before you write
    • Utilize the raise your hand feature if wanting to ask a question live
    • Set up an intentional space for remote learning