Chromebook 1:1 FAQ

  • Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Chromebook 1:1 initiative.  We will continue to add to this page as additional questions arise.

    1. My child already has a device to use at home, do they still need the district-assigned Chromebook?
    Yes.  All students are being provided with Chromebooks for their use both at home, and at school.  Chromebooks are extensively used to support learning while at school; assigning a Chromebook to each student ensures that they are able to use the same device throughout the school day, preventing the need to share and disinfect devices at school during this time.

    2. My child already has their own personal device, can they use it at school?
    No.  To ensure compatibility with district resources and to provide a secure experience for all students and staff, we are providing each student with district-assigned Chromebooks.

    3. My child is in grade 3-12, do they need to bring their district-assigned Chromebook to school every day?
    Yes.  To support learning, students in grades 3-12 should bring their district to school on each in-person learning day.  Elementary teacher(s) in grades 3-5 may direct their students to leave devices at home at certain times.

    4. My child is in grade K/1/2, are they expected to bring their district-assigned Chromebook to school every day?
    To make it easier for our younger students to travel to and from school, K-2 students may not be expected to bring their devices every day.  Teachers in grades K-2 will provide students and parents/guardians with direction as to when students should bring their district-assigned Chromebooks to school to support learning.

    5. What if my child forgets to bring their Chromebook to school?
    Students should bring their Chromebook to school on each in-person learning day to be prepared to learn.  In the event that a student forgets to bring their Chromebook, a limited number of spare Chromebooks will be available at each building for temporary use. 

    6. What if my child forgets to charge their Chromebook?
    Students should be encouraged to remember to charge their Chromebook to be ready to learn each day at school, and to ensure that they have their Chromebook power adapter with them in the district-assigned case so they can charge their device at school in a classroom outlet if necesary.  In the event that a student forgets to charge their Chromebook and also forgets their power adapter, spare power adapters will be available with building technicians, and/or will be available in each classroom as spares and/or in charging docks or empty Chromebook carts.

    7. What do I do if my child has a problem with their Chromebook?
    Parents/Guardians can request assistance by completing the
    Parent/Guardian IT Support Form on the district website.  Please be advised that we cannot provide support for hardware or software problems on personally-owned devices.