• On April 1 and 2, students from Marcy, Deerfield, Westmoreland Road, Hart’s Hill, Parkway and the Middle School came together with other students in grades 5-7 to participate in this year’s Oneida County Elementary All-County Festival held at Thomas R. Proctor High School.

    In order for students to be eligible for this festival, they had to be recommended by their school music teacher as some of the best of the best students in their school performing groups.

    On April 1, students from across the county joined together and began rehearsing their repertoire. This concluded with a live concert performance on April 2. The following students represented the Whitesboro Central School District proudly and performed beautifully:



    Aislinn Angleton

    Amiah Duerr

    Reaghan Henderson

    Rachael Higgins

    Josie Leone

    Bryce Marleau

    Kerry McNamara

    Skylar Rosati

    Sophia Schwartz

    Chelsea Warren

    Anissia Zaikoff



    Logan Coonrod

    Morgan Cushman

    Evelyn Lange

    Joslyn Stevens

    Kylee Warner



    Frank Brown

    Ethan Cidzik

    Valerie Cieslak

    Emma Jerome

    Cate Kernan

    Julian Lewha

    Caden Meiss

    Ryan Nassif

    Matthew Ryan

    Karen Sharkey


    In addition to the students working to prepare for this festival, three Whitesboro Central School District music teachers were selected to participate in this festival as guest conductors and accompanists.

    Mrs. Caitlyn Clark (Parkway Band and Orchestra teacher) conducted the Elementary All-County Band. Mrs. Margaret Tallman (Westmoreland Road Chorus, Orchestra and General Music teacher) conducted the Elementary All-County Chorus and was accompanied by Mrs. Jessica Decker (Deerfield Elementary Band, Chorus and General Music teacher) on piano. All three teachers worked hard to prepare fantastic concerts with all of these wonderfully talented students.

    Students are instructed by Mrs. Jessica Decker (Deerfield), Mrs. Lauralee Driscoll (Deerfield and Hart’s Hill), Mrs. Charity Dreier (Marcy), Mr. Gregory Clark (Marcy, Deerfield, and Westmoreland Road), Mrs. Margaret Tallman (Westmoreland Road), Mrs. Caitlyn Clark (Parkway), Mrs. Chantelle Nobis (Parkway/Middle School), Ms. Erin Joslin (Middle School) and Mrs. Millicent Ruggio (Middle School).