• On March 8, Whitesboro High School held its annual Foreign Student Day. The day began with welcoming 21 students from around the world to the high school for the day. A large breakfast was served and then students were introduced during an assembly in the auditorium.

    The assembly included a presentation by Kailey Sweet of Universal Language Solutions and Hanka, her friend who came from Bosnia to the U.S. and shared her story of hope and prosperity. The assembly ended with some Whitesboro students learning a traditional Bosnian dance.

    Following the assembly, the exchange students and their Whitesboro guides attended panel discussions in the classroom and enjoyed a lunch from Club Monarch. Ninth period students had the chance to unwind in the wrestling room and play board games. After school, students played pickleball in the gym.

    The day ended with a fun and lively dinner dance at Club Monarch, complete with a buffet dinner and an ice cream bar. Everyone enjoyed meeting so many new students who have now become lifelong friends!