• The Family and Consumer Science classes at Whitesboro High School held May Competition Madness. Throughout the month of May (extending into June!) each class level held one or two competitions.

    Food Entrepreneurship students competed in the Ultimate Burger Competition. Each kitchen group was responsible for coming up with and cooking their version of the Ultimate Burger to be judged. The result ended with a tie for first place, each burger with a unique sauce and toppings to boot!

    Food and Nutrition classes competed in not one but two competitions, the last of which ended on June 7. The first competition Pretzel Masters, where students were tasked with creating the best soft pretzel they could. Each group came up with different flavor combinations along with a dipping sauce. The judges had a tough time deciding on the winner. Ultimately, they went with a cinnamon sugar-coated soft pretzel with a cream cheese dipping sauce.

    Next, Chopped returned and students had to figure out how to put four random ingredients together to make a cohesive dish. The first section had pork chops, yogurt, maple syrup and red crushed pepper flakes, while the other section had steak, a mango, broccoli and bread crumbs. The results were fantastically creative! The winning pork chop was a take on a BBQ pork slider with peppers and onions. The winning steak was made with mashed potatoes and a mango hot sauce! During one class, a couple of teachers even joined in.

    Finally, the Regional and International Foods classes took part in the first ever Iron Chef Whitesboro competition. Students competed solo in the first round over two days, while not knowing the secret ingredient until that day. Secret ingredients included green bell peppers, eggs and apples. Teachers got to join in the fun and compete in their own round of cooking as well!

    The winner of the rounds (two students and one teacher) competed after school in the finals. They were able to pick a team and had only an hour to complete their final dishes to present to the judges. Everyone competed their hearts out and in the end, Mr. Puckey ended up victorious.