• Marcy Elementary School recently had a special opportunity to team up with Dr. Keesom of Utica University! Dr. Keesom, a professor of biology, came to Marcy Elementary to share her knowledge of animal science and animal behavior.

    Miss Sutliff’s fourth graders were able to study the behavior of termites and go through the scientific method to determine why termites behave the way that they do. It was determined that termites follow the red ink in a Bic pen. Students were amazed while watching them and learned that termites are fascinating creatures!

    Mrs. Countryman’s first graders had an extra special visit with Dr. Keesom of Utica University last month. Students learned how animals use their senses to survive and even had the chance to act out certain animal behaviors. The first graders were able to show what they'd learned by inventing new animals with specific features and attributes that helped them survive in certain situations.

    We are so appreciative of all the new information we learned about animals and their interesting behavior! Thank you Dr. Keesom!