• On June 13, Westmoreland Road Elementary School held its annual Fifth Grade Advancement ceremony at Whitesboro High School with families, teachers, administration and classmates in attendance.

    During the ceremony, fifth grade student Juliana Busch gave the welcome and flag salute. After “The Star-Spangled Banner,” class speaker Connor Fay highlighted some Westmoreland Road class of 2024 memories that students have experienced together, which included favorite lessons, time with friends and school-wide traditions. 

    Westmoreland Road Acting Principal Mrs. Karen Miller then spoke to students and attendees, reminding everyone to think back to their first day of school. Parents usually remember how they were feeling sending their children off to a new school for kindergarten. Mrs. Miller spoke about how milestone years are filled with a variety of emotions for students, parents and guardians. The great news is that everyone persevered and students were there celebrating their accomplishments and advancement from their elementary to middle school years, and beyond.

    The program was then turned over to the fifth grade teachers – Mr. Steere, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Zalatan and Mrs. Montana – who presented nine special awards from various categories. Awards were presented to individuals or groups of students with help from some community members. Each student was then presented with a Westmoreland Road advancement certificate, along with a Certificate of Achievement from Senator Joe Griffo's office on this auspicious occasion.

    The event ended with the entire class performing "Watch as We Walk on Our Way," directed by music teacher Mrs. Tallman.

    Congratulations to the Westmoreland Road class of 2024 and future high school class of 2031!