Policy Regarding Use of School Facilities

  • The Board of Education instituted a fee schedule for the use of buildings by outside groups. The application procedure is as follows:
    • All requests for the use of school facilities by any outside organization wishing to use the facilities after school hours are to be made through the Principal’s Office of the building concerned. It is suggested that groups make requests at least four weeks in advance of submitting application. Individuals or organizations must fill out "use of Building by Non-School Organization" forms. All requests for traditional and established programs will be filed through established procedures. It takes approximately a two-week period to process the paperwork for requests.
    • All other requests must be cleared through the Superintendent, who, when he feels necessary, will submit the request to the Board of Education, in addition to the principal concerned. All uses of the Whitesboro Central School facilities must be approved by the Board of Education. Adequate application must be made so requests may be processed through the Board of Education.
    • Whitesboro Central School facilities shall not be used for: Partisan political meetings; labor union meetings; religious meetings; promulgating any theory or doctrine subversive to the laws of the Untied States or any political division thereof advocating governmental change by violence; any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners or taste, or be injurious to buildings, grounds or equipment; any purpose in conflict with school activities; commercial advertising; and/or any activity prohibited by Education Law or by the State of New York.