• String Lessons & Orchestra Supplies:
    A string instrument can be obtained several ways: rental from a music store, purchase, or borrowing from the school.  String instruments come in fractional sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, etc) to better fit the individual player. Most children will start on a smaller instrument and as they grow they will change to larger instruments. 
    A 1" Binder is required for each student!! Students only need to bring their binders to school on their lesson days. For Orchestra rehearsals Mrs. Gadbow will provide music in her own binders that do not go home with students. 
    Book: We use Essential Elements for Strings Book 1  This can be purchased through Mrs. Gadbow  (a note will come home to beginners.)  Books will be handed out when Mrs. Gadbow feels the students need them (which is usually after 3-5 lessons.) Students will use the same book for Grades 4 and 5. 
    At home:
    A music stand to hold music, so that the student can read the music and have it at an appropriate height to maintain good playing posture.
    This can be purchased at a music store. Their are many different varieties- some are sturdier, some fold-up and are more portable, etc..
    For Violinists and Violists: As students become sure they want to continue playing, a shoulder rest may be a nice accessory to help students hold the instrument more comfortably. To see an example : www.EverestShoulderRest.com  These can be purchased at our local music store and may even be in stock. They come in different sizes and can be adjustable (ie.  1/2-3/4,  or 3/4 -4/4.) Buy the biggest one that will accommodate your child's violin/viola instrument so that it can grow with them and you won't need to replace it the next year. Be sure to ask for help when purchasing this, your music store salesperson can give you guidance. Try one out at the store to see if your child will use it.
    For Cellists: Rock Stop or strap (called an End Pin Anchor) for playing on hard floor. This is used to keep the end pin from slipping (not necessary if your child always plays on carpet at home.)