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    String Page with Mrs. Gadbow.
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    Our Spring Concert will be Tuesday, May 16th at the Whitesboro Middle School Auditorium at 6:30 PM. Performers will need to arrive earlier.
    Please mark your calendars. 
    Note:  Both Beginner Orchestra and 5th Grade Orchestra will play on our Spring Concert on May 16th at the Whitesboro Middle School.
    4th and 5th Grade students at Westmoreland Road Elementary School have the opportunity to learn a string instrument with Mrs. Gadbow. The string instruments are: violin, viola, cello, and bass.

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    All string students will have a 30-minute group lesson once every 6 school days.  
    Students need to bring their 1" binders and instruments to school on lesson days.  Students who play cello can use their school cellos but must remember their 1" binders on lesson days.
    5th Grade students who are in their 2nd year on an instrument will play in 5th Grade Orchestra. 5th Grade Orchestra rehearses on
     Day 3 at 2:00PM, and on Day 6 during Recess.
    Lesson day for all Gr 5 Advanced students is on Day 5 (Bring Binder Day 5 for lesson.)
    Beginner Orchestra includes all 4th Grade string students and 5th graders who are starting lessons this year.  Beginner Orchestra students start lessons in September, but won't meet with the whole group of beginners in Orchestra until January. Beginner Orchestra will have its first concert on February 16th at Westmoreland Road School Gymnasium at 6PM.
    Beginner Violin lessons are on Day 1 (later beginners-Day 4) .
    Beginner Viola lessons are on Day 2.
    Beginner Cello Lessons are on Day 3 for 4th Graders. 
    Starting in January, Beginner Orchestra will rehearse on Day 5 at 2:00 PM.
    ( On Lesson days bring your violin or viola and 1" Binder. On Orchestra days just bring your violin or viola. Cello students do not bring their instrument from home unless they need to be tuned, but remember your Binder on lesson days.Cellos should not be transported on the bus.) 
    Practice is important!  Parents, please encourage your children to practice
    at least 10 minutes each day. 
    A positive attitude is very important when learning something new- 
    be patient, and set little goals for each practice session.

    Students: If your strings need tuning, bring your instrument in to Mrs. Gadbow, even if it isn't a lesson day
    - the instrument you play at home should be tuned frequently.

    Cello parents
    : Please plan on bringing the "home" cello in routinely (every 3 weeks minimum) to get it tuned. You can drop it off in the office with a note for me in the morning and I'll tune it for you to pick up
    at dismissal.
    I'll tune it any time you bring it in-- the more often, the better. 

    How to dress for the concert if you are performing

    Boys: White shirt, no tie, Black pants, dark socks, and dark shoes
    Girls: White top, black skirts , black pants, or black capris, Black shoes or black sandals-no flip flops