• What to Wear to Physical Education Class

    Sneakers K-5
    Acceptable: ANY of the following sneakers with laces provide the best support; running, basketball, tennis, walking, or cross-trainers
    NOT acceptable: open at the top of foot with straps so that his/her sock can be seen, slip-ons, sandals, or boots 
    We the PE Dept. feel it is in the best interest of the student to wear the proper footwear to avoid any type of injury.
    Gym uniforms for the 4th and 5th graders can be purchased through the Physical Education office. 
    Nurse Notes
    A note from a parent will be accepted for one day.  
    A doctor's not is required if a child is to be excused from PE longer than one day.
    If a doctor excuses the child we must then get a DATED RELEASE from that doctor in order for the child to participate. 
    Physical Education Rules
                             Act Safely
                             Be Prepared & Be Positive
                             Do Your Best 
    Warriors of the Month
    These Students: 
    1.  Are always prepared with proper attire such as: sneakers & uniform.
    2.  Listen and follow the directions of the teachers and assist other students.
    3.  Display positive behavior throughout the daily tasks in class.
    4.  Participate to the best of their abilities.