Mrs. LaBarbera



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. LaBarbera

Mrs. LaBarbera has been teaching English as a New Language (ENL) in the Whitesboro Central School District since 2003.  She is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  She has taught at Deerfield Elementary, Hart's Hill Elementary, Marcy Elementary,  Westmoreland Rd. Elementary, the Middle School Campus, and Whitesboro High School.  She has also homeschooled her children.  Currently she is teaching at Parkway Middle School and Deerfield Elementary.  

Mrs. LaBarbera is the mother of two children.  She is an avid reader, and reads anything that she can get her hands on.  She also enjoys running, singing,  performing in community theatre productions, cross-country skiing, hiking, playing music, and anything that her family does together.  All of these things she brings into her classroom to enliven her teaching and to engage her students in the learning process.  
Mrs. LaBarbera is an active member of New York State Teachers of English to Speaker of Other Languages (NYS TESOL).  She has assisted in the planning of the annual conference each year that she has been an ESL teacher.  This year, she is the proposal co-chair for the NYS TESOL Conference, which has given her the opportunity to interact with ESL teachers from around New York State and the world.  Previously, she assisted in the national TESOL Conference in New York City as the JobMarket Place Coordinator.  Serving English Language Learners and their teachers outside of the Whitesboro area is very exciting and gives her the opportunity to learn new strategies and approaches to bring back to her classroom.
Mrs. LaBarbera spent a year in Olsztyn, Poland with the Rotary Exachange Program and learned to speak and read Polish.