Students will be introduced to high quality of texts encompassing multiple genres through the use of our basal series, Reading Street.  Each unit integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening so that students can build and apply knowledge about a topic.  "Learning Targets" and "Essential Questions of the Day" will guide students throughout each lesson and allow them to make inferences, cite evidence, construct viable arguments and collaborate with peers.  In fifth grade we will be using "Close Reading Strategies" to assist students when reading difficult text by underlining important information, circling unfamiliar words and writing the gist in the margins.  These strategies are imperative when reading Non-Fiction text.  Finally reading comprehension, writing skills and fluency will be monitored and assessed through Reading Street, Ready New York CCLS, National Geographic and various chapter books.  Please read with your child on a daily basis as it will aid in their reading comprehension. 
  • The Fifth Grade Common Core Math Curriculum covers the following 16 topics.  (15 topics will be taught before the state test in April.)  In addition, students are expected to have +, - , x, and / facts mastered.  Fact fluency is so important for a student's success.
    Topic 1:  Place Value
    Topic 2:  Adding & Subtracting Decimals
    Topic 3:  Multiplying Whole Numbers
    Topic 4:  Dividing by 1 Digit Divisors
    Topic 5:  Dividing by 2 Digit Divisors
    Topic 6:  Multiplying Decimals
    Topic 7:  Dividing Decimals
    Topic 8:  Numerical Expressions, Patterns, and Relationships
    Topic 9:  Adding & Subtracting Fractions
    Topic 10:  Adding & Subtracting Mixed Numbers
    Topic 11:  Multiplying & Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers
    Topic 12:  Volume of Solids
    Topic 13:  Units of Measure
    Topic 14: Data
    Topic 15:  Classifying Plane Figures
    Topic 16:  Coordinate Geometry
    Step Up To Sixth Grade:  Various lessons pre teaching items to be covered in sixth grade. 

    New York State Social Studies Curriculum consists of studying the geography, culture, government, economics and history of the Western Hemisphere. This includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.  The emphasis is on building students reading and writing skills using social studies content.  Students are expected to be able to "close" read text as well as write complete responses to questions citing evidence from the text . This year we will also focus on students learning study skills and test taking strategies to prepare them for Middle and High School.
    The fifth grade science curriculum consists of Life Science, Physical Science and Earth Science units. Our regional Boces has worked hard to create new science kits that align with the new Next Generation Science standards.  All of the kits include hands on activities and Stem activities to motivate students to learn the necessary science concepts. Once again students are expected to learn to take effective notes and use them to prepare for tests as a skill necessary for middle and high school. Students are also expected to learn strategies for reading non fiction text effectively.