• Children with special academic, social/emotional, behavioral and physical needs in our District are provided a quality education in the least restrictive environment. The Special Education Department is proud to provide and/or coordinate services for over 500 students with disabilities from ages 3 through 21 in programs both in and out of the District. Certified members of the Special Education professional staff provide services to students addressing all of the disability areas identified in the New York State Commissioner’s Regulations.

    Students identified by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) are provided an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and are placed in educational programs that include small self-contained classrooms, resource rooms, co-teaching classrooms and consultant teacher services. Students in self-contained programs are included in special area programs (i.e. art, music and physical education) and mainstreamed in academic areas of strength as appropriate.

    The District also conducts a wide range of assessments and consultations and provides services which include psychiatric, psychological, counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, teacher of the hearing impaired, teacher of the visually impaired, orientation and mobility training, rehabilitation training and vocational training.

    For more information, contact the Special Programs and Services Office at 266-3309 or use the links provided on this page to access helpful information.