• #2 pencils (1 dozen)/sharpened: (Ticonderoga preferred, NO coated/decorated or mechanical pencils)
    • 2 Highlighters
    • pointed-tip scissors
    • package of colored pencils
    • small pkg. of thin markers
    • 2 large glue sticks
    • 3 single-subject spiral notebooks
    • 5 PLAIN/STURDY pocket folders (pocket on bottom) red, blue, yellow, green and purple
    • pink eraser : 2 in. (not pencil tops)
    • 1 package of 3x3 Post- It- notes
    • Small Hand Sanitizer (1)
    • Small, individual pencil sharpener
    • Dry Erase Marker Board with eraser & markers (approx. 8 x 11)
    • Large, zippered pencil case or gallon Ziploc bag (no pencil boxes please!)
    • 1 package of Index Cards: 3 x 5
    • 1-inch view binder
    • 1 pkg of loose-leaf wind lined notebook paper (Huther/Holmes only)
    • Earbuds (to use with school iPads)
    • Deck of playing cards for math


              Thank you so much for your assistance. We hope you will be able to take advantage of the Back-to-School sales!

    Please label all supplies with your child’s first and last name and replenish as needed throughout the year. THANK YOU!



                                                                       The Third Grade Teacher Team