Evaluating Online Resources

5th Grade Social Studies Links

Free Clip Art



  • These tools really get discussions going between students and promote critical thinking. Try them out!
    This tool allows you to visually rank items and discuss with each other your choices.

Internet Safety

Iroquois Indians

Library Skills



  • There are many ways in which to get a child to have fun reading. Some of these sites help students sound out letters, learn to understand vowel sounds and read at their own pace by playing games. Students, parents and teachers can enjoy using these sites!
    Fairy Tales
    Various Reading Sites
    Read stories from all around the world for various age levels. Want non-fiction information, fictional stories, stories from various genres, here is the place to look!
    This site has lesson plans, printables, movies, etc. that include Fairy Tales, Holiday Stories, Folk Tales, Songs, etc. Check this site out! You will love it!
    A free website to teach children to read with phonics. Exciting phonics games and online interactive books for preschool, kindergarten and first grade.


Reference Resources

  • This category is for many different types of Reference Resources used throughout the building. If it requires a password, ask your child to get a copy of the passwords from us at the Library Media Center.
    Government information about the United States and other countries around the world.
    This particular site requires a membership to see certain parts of it.
    The online version of the Encarta Encyclopedia
    This site has all kinds of evaluated websites for kids of all ages!
    This site helps you learn how to study, write a report and it contains many other interesting tips and tricks!
    This website connects you all over the place to fun things to do and learn about! Check it out and enjoy!
    Browse through the library and become a patron of the library no matter where you live! Being a patron allows you multiple access to free items, such as downloading podcasts, audio books, etc.
    Scholastic has done a wonderful job of adding online activities to their site as well as author information and book reviews. There are many different things that are available on the Scholastic website for students to do, as well as teachers to use. Enjoy browsing!
    Federal Government Website that links to the official government information pages of all 50 states
    Marco Polo has many aspects to it. It contains lesson plans, activities and web pages for every content area available either by searching, looking for sites by the New York State Standards or browsing the different content areas listed on the right hand side. Either way, hours of searching and browsing are brought to your fingertips to help teachers and parents enrich the education of our students.
    This is the site that will connect you with the New York State Standards by content area and/or grade level.


  • Renzulli Learning is a website that all teachers can log onto and browse the sites of interest to use in their everyday teaching. Our grades 3-5 SAGE students also sign in and are able to use this site to enrich learning through their areas of interest.
    This website has a great deal to offer teachers and students alike! If you are looking for websites on a variety of subjects, this database is for you. If you are looking to enrich a child in his/her area(s) of interest, this website is definitely for you. Check it out!


    Little Bits Steam PDF





Search Engines/Databases

Sign Language

  • This resource helps all learn how to sign to those individuals who are hearing impaired. Anyone who wishes to communicate with these individuals should check out the following websites. We are sure you will be signing in no time!

Social Studies

Teacher Websites