•    Welcome to Integrated Algebra Common Core !

     Dear Parents and Students,
             The purpose of this course is to satisfy the Algebra I requirement of the Common Core Mathematics Standards recently adopted by the State of New York. This course fits into an overall program of mathematics studies with a rigorous academic core by extending what students have learned in the introductory--level mathematics courses as well as introducing more advanced topics. These advanced topics include understanding our number system, solving, graphing,and writing linear equations and inequalities, linear systems, exponents,quadratics, polynomials, and factoring. Whitesboro has designed this course to be a 40 minute instructional period everyday and an additional 40 minute lab period every other day. This lab period allows us to have  additional time for instructions, student centered learning, and hands on activities. Please click on the sub pages for more information about my classroom, my expectations and students assignments. 

    To download my whole classroom expectations and procedures please click on the attached link. Integrated Algebra expectations