• Welcome to Mr. Herthum's Introduction to Psychology Webpage.

    Intro to Psychology is a Social Studies Elective course at Whitesboro High School.

    This course will be taught at a fast pace and will allow you experience situations you may encounter in college.

    One way to describe this course would be "student centered."

    You will complete group projects, individual projects, case studies, etc. throughout the semester.

    **You will find the Introductory Packet for this course by clicking on the "Helpful Files" link to the left. This will outline classroom rules, expectations, grading procedures, etc. that will be used throughout this semester long course.

    **Please email me if you ever have any problems by clicking "About the Teacher" to the left.

    **Please refer to your weekly agendas for any questions regarding due dates, test dates, project dates, etc. You will receive a weekly agenda from me each Monday in class. Weekly Agendas can be found under the "Calendar" Tab.