• Mrs.. Smith

    Social Studies - Grades 6,7, & 8

    Students will need the following:

    1 inch binder
    1 notebook
    Loose leaf
    Pen and/or pencil
    Homework Folder (only 1 sturdy folder)


    Ms. Yount’s Transitions Class

    Physical Education Classes

    1 box of 6 or more colored pencils

      - to be kept in classroom

      - with student’s name on the box

    Pens and pencils

    Loose leaf paper



    Ms. Nobis’s Music Class

    One Pocket Folder of any color


        - to be kept in music room for entire  semester          

    Whitesboro Physical Education Uniform

    Sneakers that tie

    Warm clothing for cool outdoor days

    Extra socks


    Picture of you being active (i.e. skiing, running, playing sports)

    Please have your name on the back of the picture


    PE Uniform Pricing

    Shirt - $5      Shorts - $7