• My Policy 
    Written Work: SYLLABUS

    Any paper submitted without a name (first and last) will be returned with the grade of a zero.
    No assignments will be accepted late for credit. Please adhere to all assigned due dates and utilize the homework board regularly to ensure you are completing all requirements for all classes. (You will still be required to complete the assignment with no credit given. Additionally, disciplinary action may be taken at the discretion of the teacher).
    All written work for ALL classes will be expressed in complete sentences following rules for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Assignments submitted without the appropriate spelling, capitalization, and punctuation will be deducted a minimum of half credit.
    All written work will be completed on lined notebook paper or the supplied worksheet. Sentences will be written between the lines or on the worksheet in an appropriate size. All writing will be neat and legible. Written work which does not fulfill these requirements will not be accepted for credit.

    Classroom Conduct:

    All students will be prompt and prepared for all classes every day. You are to be in your seat with all required materials for each class when the bell rings. You are not to leave your seat without the teacher’s permission.
    All students will actively participate in every class; this includes asking questions, taking notes, and completing all class exercises and activities directed by the teacher.
    If you are having difficulty understanding a topic or concept, it is YOUR responsibility to speak with your teacher to obtain the needed extra help.
    All students will show respect for all other students in the classroom and the teacher at all times.
    All students are responsible to complete all required work whether he/she is absent, leaves early, or comes late. Utilize the team homework board daily!