Music - Ms. Sedgwick

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    May 2023
    As of May 17th, both 7th and 8th grade students will begin the piano unit.
    Students will complete a Listening Journal to be done in class and turned in afterward. (Listening Journal grade)
    Next, students will watch a review of note names and keys to help them when playing piano.
    Before actually playing, students will complete a piano booklet in class and then go over it together for a participation grade. All students will come to the SmartBoard to answer questions.
    After all of the above has been completed, students will be playing one of several keyboards in the room to practice their skills. They will be given a packet of songs to practice. I will go around and help students. A timer will be set to go off every 4 minutes, at which time they will rotate to the right to play a different keyboard. 
    No homework will be assigned, as all work needs to be done in class.