Music - Ms. Sedgwick

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    October 2022
    7th Grade
    Work for music classes on:
    Monday, October 17th, Wednesday, October 19th, Friday, October 21st:
    Students will be working on the Star Spangled Banner project.
    You will not have any homework unless you are out and get behind.
    You can always come down to work on it during the day.
    8th Grade
    Work for music classes on:
    Tuesday & Thursday, October 18th & 20th:
    Students will be working in groups to brainstorm four topics
    and list as many of the following as you can think of as a group:
    -Songs from Musicals
    -Jobs in putting a musical together
    -Components needed, such as costumes and sets\
    When this has been completed and we go over this as a class, students will begin watching
    The Music Man.