* Spend a few minutes every evening looking over your child's planner. Encourage him or her to fill out the planner daily. Check the homework board.

    * Make sure teachers know you appreciate their efforts. From time to time, send a thank-you note or an e-mail.

    * Contact your child's guidance counselor if a parent/teacher conference is needed.

    * Attend school events regularly.


    * Start a Habit: Encourage your child to treat studying as a daily assignment, not just something done the night before the test (15 minutes studying each night after homework is completed).

    * Tackle Textbooks: When there is a chapter to study, have your child "Preview" it to increase understanding of the material (glance over headings, pictures and graphics).

    * Mix It Up: If your child reviews material in several ways, he/she will be more likely to remember it!!