Class Expectations


    To ensure that our students benefit from being in the Resource Room, the students need to understand and comply with the following expectations:


    1.   The Resource Room teacher is here to assist the student who is striving to become an independent learner achieving at the best of his/her ability.


    2.   The student needs to know what his/her talents are as well as their specific learning disability and be able to tell a teacher about the disability.


    3.   The student needs to know what specific testing alternatives are available for him/her, and when and how to appropriately use them.  (Extended time does not meaninfinite time.)  Students are expected to have tests complete in compliance with their IEP.  (1.5x, 2x that of the class)


    4.   Ultimate responsibility for all assignments and tests will lie with the student, not the Resource Room teacher.


    5.   The student needs to come to the Resource Room ontime, prepared to work on assignments with questions.  All students at Whitesboro High School are expected to behave appropriately in the Resource Room as well as the restof the building as outlined in the Student Handbook.  The student who chooses to misbehave willface the appropriate consequences.  The student with an alternative discipline plan that is specifically outlined in his/her IEP will face consequences in compliance with the IEP.


    6.   The student will be given assistance and time to review for quizzes and tests with the expectation that the student has studied at home and has completed his/her homework. 


    7.   The student will work with the Resource Room teacher and his/her parent to develop his or her Transition Plan and to carryout the plan.


    8.   The student will be cooperative and respectful of him or her self, the teacher and others.