Graphing Calculator 
    Follow the directions below to begin downloading the graphing calculator.
    1. Click on the following attachment (virtual TI )
    2. Save Virtual_TI.zip and open it
    3. Double click on VTI and extract all files
    4. Follow the directions in the extraction wizard, allow files to open
    5. After completing the extraction, double click on VTI in  the new folder
    6. Allow the program to rum, and follow the directions of the setup wizard
    7. Select TI-83 plus version 1.12
    8. Then finish the wizard
    9. The calculator should appear on your screen
    10. Remember where the files are saved because you will need to use VTI to reopen the calculator after it has been closed
    11. You may want to create a shortcut on your desktop for easy access
    *right clicking on the calculator will access all calculator options* 
    On an iphone download for about $7 an app called graphncalc83