Art - Ms. Mckenzie

  • The 7th grade students have completed their "Fauvism "self portraits and are beginning animal drawings.rawing Fauvism drawing
    *6th grade students are working with ceramics and creating coil pottery.
    *8th grade students are working on self portraits and value.  They are doing an amazing job adding value, texture, and emotion/expression to their work.  Below are some examples of student work in progress. As they finish this unit, they will begin sculpting with clay.
     none art self portrait art
    Westmoreland Elementary School
    Grade 2 Students are working on winter trees and an ornament project for Christmas. 
    Kindergarten students are working on paintings, drawings and coloring.


Art - Ms. Williams

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    Hon Men



    Remember to bring (6) #2 non-mechanical pencils, a large eraser, a double pocket folder and your school planner to class everyday.         

    For class remember to be... Prepared, Prompt, Polite and Productive. 

    I will be after school on Monday and Tuesday.

    8th Graders Day 1- Monday-Students will enlarge by grid. Wednesday-students will enlarge by grids. Friday-students will enlarge by grid.

    7th Grader Day 2-Tuesday-  Students will  create a contour line drawing of their hands.Thursday-Students will shade their practice hands.

    Available During the School Day

    Available During the School Day

    Day 1s- I will be available 1st-3rd and at 10:45-the end of 4th period  every Day 1.... I will be available 4th, 5th, 7th,8th and 9th in the the art room. 

    Day 2s- I will be available 1st-3rd and at 10:45-the end of 4th period  every Day 2.... I will be available  5th, 8th and 9th in the art room.  6th period I will be available for some projects in the computer lab.

    Students will need to get a pre-signed pass from me to come in.  All students must sign in upon arrival and when they leave. Students may get a pass from me during their art periods or before homeroom. I will ask at the end of each class period....if students want and or need a pass to come in. My homeroom is in room 137. Students missing class should try to make up it prior to their next class period. 



    phone ext. #5137