• The Whitesboro Central School District utilizes the SchoolMessenger automated communication system to provide timely information to parents, faculty and staff on matters such as attendance, general information and announcements, campus emergencies, snow closures and school closings/delays. School Messenger replaces the Ed-Alert system previously utilized for emergency and non-emergency communications from the District.

    There is no need to sign up for SchoolMessenger to receive emergency or attendance phone calls, as it uses contact information stored in our student information system. All households with students in the District will be notified by phone when important information needs to be communicated, such as attendance concerns, delays, early dismissals, weather cancellations, emergency situations or other important messages.  schoolmessenger  
    To ensure that you receive these messages, please inform the District of any changes to your contact information (mailing address, phone numbers and email) throughout the school year. If updates are necessary, please contact the main office of the school that your child attends to have your contact information updated. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours after calling for contact numbers to update in SchoolMessenger.

    In the event that you receive an automated emergency call, please listen to the message in its entirety to hear important information before contacting the school. This ensures that our phone lines are not tied up with inquiries about the message, keeping them free for emergencies that might arise.