Whitesboro Central School District


Common Acronyms

ACCES-VR        Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

ADA                 Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD                 Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD              Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

AIS                   Academic Intervention Services

APE                  Adaptive Physical Education

AE                    Age Equivalent

AR                    Annual Review

ASD                  Autism Spectrum Disorders

ASL                  American Sign Language

AT                    Assistive Technology

BIP                   Behavioral Intervention Plan

BOCES             Board of Cooperative Educational Services

BOE                 Board of Education

CDOS               Career Development Occupational Standards

CPSE                Committee on Preschool Special Education

CSE                  Committee on Special Education

DASA               Dignity for All Students Act

DD                   Developmental Disability

DOH                Department of Health

ED                    Emotional Disturbance

EI                     Early Intervention

ELA                  English Language Arts

ELL                   English Language Learner

ESL                   English as a Second Language

FAPE                Free and Appropriate Public Education

FBA                  Functional Behavior Assessment

FERPA              Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FOIL                 Freedom of Information Act

GE                    Grade Equivalent

GED                 General Education Development

ID                     Intellectual Disability

IDEA                Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEE                   Independent Educational Evaluation

IEP                   Individualized Education Program

IH                     Impartial Hearing

IHO                  Impartial Hearing Officer

IAES                 Interim Alternative Educational Setting

IQ                    Intelligence Quotient

ISS                    In School Suspension

LD                    Learning Disability

LRE                  Least Restrictive Environment

NCLB               No Child Left Behind

NYSAA             New York State Alternate Assessment

NYSED             New York State Education Department

OHI                  Other Health Impaired

OMH               Office of Mental Health

OPWDD           Office for People with Developmental Disabilities

OSEP                Office of Special Education Programs

OSS                  Out of School Suspension

OT                   Occupational Therapy

PLOPs              Present Levels of Performance

PR                    Program Review

PT                    Physical Therapy

RE                    Re-Evaluation

RTI                   Response To Intervention

SACC                Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential

SDI                   Specially Designed Instruction

SED                  State Education Department

SESIS                Special Education School Improvement Specialist

SLP                   Speech Language Pathologist

SS                     Standard/Scaled Score

SWD                Student With Disability

TBI                   Traumatic Brain Injury

TDD                 Telecommunication Device for the Deaf

VESID               (ACCES-VR)

VR                    Vocational Rehabilitation

VRS                  Video Relay Service