• Supplies for all students, required for all lessons and rehearsals.
    • 3 Ring Binder, 1 inch or larger.  
    • Method Book- All new students will use the ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR BAND method.  This is a change from the past, when we used a different book.
    • Literature - any music handed out for rehearsal, including warm-ups and concert music.
    • Pencil - for notating music. 

    Mr. Clark's Top Recommended Student Instruments

    Percussion Students
    • Percussion kit - available from any of our suggested music stores, includes a bell kit with mallets and a drum pad with drum sticks.  Sometimes these kits come with a snare drum, which is not necessary for home practice.  The pad is fine in place of a drum.
    • Students at different buildings have different requirements as per what is necessary to bring to school for lessons.  These students are familiar with these requirements.
    Woodwind Students - Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone
    •  In addition to your instrument, all woodwind students are responsible for acquiring maintenance materials.  All local music stores sell maintenance kits which include, at the very least, cork grease and a swab.
    • Students are also responsible for acquiring their own reeds.  I recommend a medium oboe reed, and 2 1/2 saxophone and clarinet reeds, especially for beginners.  By the end of 4th grade many clarinet and saxophone players are ready for a 3.  That number refers to the hardness/thickness of the wood.  There are several brands to choose from.  Rico is the most economical, but I have found students to have the best sound while using Rico Royal, Vandoren or LaVoz reeds. 
    • More about reeds: Click Here.
    Woodwind Students - Flute
    • In addition to your instrument, I strongly recommend a cleaning rod.  Tie a clean soft cloth through the open end and use it to remove moisture from the inside of the instrument.
    Brass Students - Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba
    • All students need to have a form of lubrication for their instrument.  For most brass instruments, this means valve oil.  Valve oil is available from any music store.  I have found Al Cass Fast Action valve oil to be cost-efficient and an effective lubricant.  Horn students should have horn oil, because their valve construction requires a different viscosity of oil.  Trombones may have a slide cream or other substance, which Mr. Clark will teach all students to use. 
    • I recommend the use of Trombotine for trombone slides.  Mr. Clark will go through the process with students to make sure the trombone stays clean and adequately lubricated.
      • Trombone students should use ONLY ONE type of slide lubricant.  If you have used oil, only use oil.  If you have used Yamaha Lubricant, only use that.  Mixing them up will be bad news for your slide.