• Welcome to Mr. Herthum's Economics 12 Webpage.
    Economics 12 is a required course for graduation. If you do not pass Economics 12, you will not graduate.
    Economics 12 is a fast paced, rigorous, and challenging course.
    You will have a short quiz following most chapters.
    You will have Unit Tests at the conclusion of each unit. Students receive the Course Outline on the first day of each semester.
    You will find the Intro Packet for Economics 12 in the "Helpful Files" link to the left.
    ***Within the Intro Packet, you will see grading policies and classroom procedures***
    ***Regarding Homework and Projects - Late work that is turned in will receive a zero. Stay organized throughout the semester and get your work done on time***
    If you have any questions regarding Economics 12, please email me by clicking on the "About the Teacher" link to the left.