• Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your child's life at home to help him/her with math skills and concepts...
    1)  Buy flash cards (you can find them at the local dollar stores) and quiz your child.  Once your child can answer a fact fluently (3 seconds or less) remove the card from the pile.  Keep working with the more difficult facts until your child is fluent with all facts.
    2)  Empty your wallet and let your child count the bills and coins.  Young children can identify and sort the coins by their name and/or value.
    3)  When you are driving in the car, waiting for a doctor appointment, etc, quiz your child aloud on facts, skip counting, etc.
    4)  Buy an analog clock if you don't already have one.  Ask your child what time it is frequently.  Older children can answer questions about elapsed time as well (i.e. "how many more minutes until 7:00?")
    5)  Help your child navigate math websites.  There are many listed in the helpful resources section of my page, as well as on the pages of other teachers in the building.