• The following supplies will be shared by everyone in the classroom.
                               You will not need to label them with your child’s name. 
    Thank you! 
      (2) packages of #2 pencils
    ( 2) boxes of (24 count) Crayola® crayons 
    4 large Elmer’s® glue sticks

     (2) 2 pocket folders

     2 large pink erasers

    1 bottle of Elmer’s® glue
    1 box (50 count) Ziploc® baggies.
      Sandwich Size (Boys) Gallon Size (Girls)

    1 package of 3x5 index cards

    1 standard size backpack 
    (Something large enough for a standard folder, extra clothes and a lunch bag. Please make sure you get one without wheels as we have limited space.)