• HOME/SCHOOL FOLDERS - These will be coming home with your child every day. Homework, completed classwork, notices from me, the principal, PTO, etc., will be included in that folder, Please have your child show you the contents of his/her folder DAILY. Many notices are time sensitive and need to be returned to school promptly.
    ABSENT/LATE STUDENTS - If your child is absent or tardy please make sure that you send in a note explaining why he/she was not in school. Be sure to include the date of absence. 

     BIRTHDAYS - We would be happy to celebrate your child's birthday. Please let me know a day or two in advance if you will be sending in a treat. Treats should be anything that does not have to be cut. If a drink is included, please remember cups and napkins. Currently, we have 21 students in the class and there is a nut allergies in our room. Please make sure the snacks or treats are nut free. Treats can be left in the office with the secretary.
     FRIDAY NEWSLETTERS - Each Friday, your child will bring home a newsletter outlining the activities and the work for that week. It will also have a preview of upcoming events, important reminders and the coming weeks lessons. Some of these will have homework attached to it. These assignments need to be completed at home and returned for review.
    SNACKS - We have snack time everyday! Instead of sending an individual snack each day, we ask that you send in a snack once a month for the entire class. We have 21 students in our room at this time. Please remember that we are a NUT FREE classroom. These should be a small healthy snack. Some suggested individual snacks are: cheese crackers, fruit snacks, pretzels, juice, etc.