• school bus
    Recess takes place everyday immediately following lunch.  Students will go outside for recess everyday unless it is raining or with the wind chill the temperature is below 20 degrees.  Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  It does tend to be a little windy on the hill so please keep that in mind when dressing your child for school.  Students must also have appropriate shoes to go on the playground.  Students are encouraged to keep a pair of sneakers in their cubbies so that they are prepared for recess as well as the days they have gym.  If at any time you feel your child is not well enough to go to recess I will accept a parent note for a one day pass from recess.  However, if you feel your child needs to be out of recess for longer than a day a doctor's note will be needed.  
    School Attendance
    Attendance at school is a vital aspect of student success.  I highly encourage to you have your child at school daily and on time.  School starts at 8:30 and we do begin working at 8:30.  If your child needs to be absent for any reason please be sure they have a note upon their return stating the reason they were absent.  Your child will also be responsible for any work they missed during their absence.  The pace of the curriculum does not allow for much review therefore, it is very difficult to go back to reteach a topic.  When you show your child that you care that they are in school it sends the message that you view education as an important part of their life!
    Throughout the course of the year we have many viruses that will go around both in the community and at school.  I am very vigilant on cleaning the desks and common areas daily to try and prevent viruses from being spread as much as possible.  I do ask that if your child is sick that you please keep them home until they are symptom free for at least 24 hours.  This means they have not vomited, had a fever, or diarrhea in the 24 hours before you send them back.  This will help to keep us all a little healthier!  It is also helpful if you leave a message with the school nurse letting her know that your child is sick.  She can be reached at 266-3444.  As stated before, if your child is out they will need a note upon their return.   
     Lunch Money/Notes
    Throughout the year you may need to send in lunch money or a note to a specific teacher.  Please be sure that all lunch money is in an envelope clearly labeled with your child's name, their homeroom teacher, and their cafeteria account number.  Our lunch time is from 12:20 - 12:40.  If you need to send a note please be sure the note is in your child's folder and is clearly labeled as to who the note is intended for.  This will help our day run much smoother in Room 6. 
    We do have an allotted snack time each day.  Please send in a healthy snack with your child each day.  I also encourage students to bring a water bottle.  Please try to send in water bottles that have secure tops and do not spill.  A regular plastic water bottle is ok but your child will need to keep that type in their cubbies so that it does not spill on others papers throughout the day.