• shaking hands
    It is through open communication and understanding among many that success begins to unfold.  This year we will all be working closely together.  When I refer to "we" I am calling myself, you as parents, and students to come together.  Together we will be able to achieve so much!  In order to set a successful environment I have high expectations for students, parents, and myself. 
    Teacher -    To come to school ready to give 100%
                        Be prepared and flexible to change
                        Help each and every student reach their highest learning potential.
    Students -    Come to school well rested and ready to learn
                        Be prepared
                        Always give 100% on all tasks given
                        Be kind and respectful to all students and faculty. 
    Parents -      Be sure your child is well rested and ready for school
                        Work with your child at home on material
                          READ, READ, READ!!!