• This page is designed to keep parents informed with the curriculum topics being presented each quarter.  The information will be changed quarterly when report cards are distributed. 
    The first grade currently uses a math and reading program which was designed to align with the Common Core.
    * Addition and subtraction fact to 12.
    * Use of a 10 frame, counters, count-up, and additional strategies.
    * Identifying and recognizing the property of zero.
    * Beginning with a capital and ending with punctuation.
    * Identifying telling, asking, and exclamatory sentences.
    * Using detail words
    * How to form a writing piece by using a graphic organizer. 
    * How to locate and decipher facts in a writing piece. 
    * Decoding skills
    * How to read for information
    * Difference between fiction versus non-fiction
    * Recognize 27 High Frequency Words
    * How to use a table of contents 
    Science/Social Studies
    * Apples and Pumpkins
    * Rules and Procedures
    * Being a Good Citizen 
    * BOCES Science kits