• Math - Envisions Math Program
    Topics include: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten (addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, division), Fractions, Measurement and Data, Geometry.
    *New York State Math Test May 2, 3, 4*
    Reading/Writing - Scott Foresman Reading Street
    - Focus on helping students develop foundational skills for reading more complex text.
    - Reading Comprehension Skills: Main Idea and Details, Sequencing, Author's Purpose, Fact and Opinion, Draw Conclusions, Cause and Effect, Literary Elements 
    - Vocabulary and Language Skills
    - Writing: Personal Narrative, Opinion/Point of View, Informative/Explanatory. Students must use evidence from the text to support their writing.
    *New York State ELA Test March 28, 29, 30*
    - Focus is on Physical, Life, and Earth Science 
    - Topics include: Understanding Energy, Shaping Our Earth, Simple Machines and Simple Circuits, Structures and Functions of Life
    *New York State Science Performance Test May 24, 25*
    *Written Test June 5* 
    Social Studies 
    - Focus is on New York State and its history.
    - Topics include Geography, Native Americans, Exploration, Colonial Life, The Revolutionary War, The New Nation, Government, Industrial Growth and Expansion, Immigration, Urbanization