• Reading Street Weekly Spelling Lists

     The Twin Club-Lesson 1
    flag, fin, ran, has, fill, sat, list, sit, bag, win, fabric, napkin, plastic, picnic, rabbit

    Exploring Space-Lesson 2
    page, size, late, race, nose, fine, huge, rice, space, mice, blaze, vote

    Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night-Lesson 3 
    stop, hand, clip, twin, strap, brave, stream, breeze, nest, ask, mask, state 

    A Walk in the Desert-Lesson 4 
    dropped, exciting, hugged, smiling, dropping, lifted, hugging, talked, excited, lifting, smiled, talking

    The Strongest One-Lesson 5
    that, when, them, itch, wish, what, shape, chase, patch, math, whale, bunch

    Tara and Tiree-Lesson 6
    hard, born, horse, before, more, smart, farm, porch, corn,chore, score,part

    Abraham Lincoln-Lesson 7 
    can't, I'm, she's, haven't, it's, didn't, aren't, hadn't, he's, who's, isn't, I'll

    Scarcity-Lesson 8 
    person, nurse, dirt, turn, birth, serve, curb, curl, skirt, purse, turtle, her

    Bremen Town Musicians-Lesson 9 
    lunch, lunches, story, stories, tune, tunes, switch, switches, baby, babies, note, notes

    One Good Turn Deserves Another-Lesson 10 
    main, wait, say, away, play, raise, brain, paint, stay, today, trail, tray

    One Good Turn Deserves Another-Lesson 11 
    lunch, shape, wish, chop, show, catch, then, each, bath, such, shadow, bathtub, starfish, matchbox, sandwich

    Pear and Wagner:  Two Good Friends-Lesson 12 
    very, messy, lady, happy, key, baby, money, funny, candy, sunny, chimney, nobody, breezy, twenty, keyhole

    Dear Juno-Lesson 13
    slice, dodge, city, huge, nice, space, gem, price, cage, fudge, central, fireplace, gentle, gymnast, celebrate

    Anansai Goes Fishing-Lesson 14
    fur, shirt ,burn, stir, bird, turn, herd, third, learn, search, perfect, birthday, purple, circus, surprise

    Rosa and Blanca-Lesson 15
    wish, catch, bath, very, money, huge, price, stir, turn, learn

    A Froggy Fable-Lesson 16
    ankle, cable, bugle, giggle, title, purple, bundle, sparkle, apple, able, bubble, tickle

    Life Cycle of a Pumpkin-Lesson 17
    cook, wood, push, book, stood, July, pull, hood, full, shook, brook, put 

    Soil-Lesson 18
    around, sound, toy, moist, out, flower, noise, coil, gown, howl, royal, cow

    The Night the Moon Fell-Lesson 19
    gear, deer, fear, year, cheer, near, hear, clear, steer, rear, appear, pioneer, volunteer, earrings, nearby

    The First Totilla-Lesson 20
    too, blue, suit, juice, new, true, spoon, drew, fruit, fool, clue, flew

    Fire Fighter!-Lesson 21
    cheerful, weekly, hardly, quickly, visitor, teacher, graceful, fighter, slowly, helper, yearly, sailor
                                                                                        Carl the Complainer-Lesson 22
    unsafe, disappear, rewind, regroup, preheat, unlock, unpack, preschool, rerun, discolor, unplug, disagree
    Bad Dog, Dodger!-Lesson 23
     knock, wrong, wrap, lamb, sign, write, wren, comb, knee, climb, gnat, knob
                                                                            Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores-Lesson 24
    phone, laugh, graph, rough, enough, ticket, tough, cough, backtrack, duckling, photo, clang
    The Signmaker's Assistant-Lesson 25
      talk, caught, chalk, thaw, because, draw, auto, fault, August, walk, taught, launch 
                                                                                           Just Like Josh Gibson-Lesson 26
    tried, planning, skipped, heaviest, trying, liked, skipping, lighter, planned, liking, heavier, lightest
    Red, White, and Blue-Lesson 27
    Mr., Jan., Dr., Oct., Mrs., Feb., Ms., Nov., St., Aug., Rd., Dec. 

    A Birthday Basket for Tia-Lesson 28
    mixture, future, caution, motion, nation, station, nature, section, action, fixture, feature

    Cowboys-Lesson 29
    kindness, useless, sadness, thankless, careless, fearless, sickness, fitness, goodness, darkness, helpless, weakness

    Grace for President-Lesson 30
    midair, midway, midweek, mismatch, misplace, misprint, misbehave, misdeed, mislead, midday, midyear, mistake