• Course Expectations:

    Performance in Elementary Band or Orchestra lays the groundwork for what can become a lifetime of enjoyable music-making.  Our primary goals are to establish good habits and build enthusiasm for creating music, independently and together as a group.

    In-School Expectations

    Students will show preparation by bringing their instruments and other materials to all lessons and rehearsals.

    Students will show responsibility by attending their lessons on time and keeping up on classwork missed during lessons.

    Students will show maturity by being cooperative at all times.

    Students will show work ethic by giving their very best effort.

    Students will show compassion by helping those around them and being respectful of others and themselves.

    Outside-of-School Expectations

    Students will practice independently on their assigned music.

    Students will take care of their instrument to keep it in good working order.

    Students will become curious learners by following their own musical passions and developing new outlets for musicianship.


Another important expectation: enjoy making music!