• The following is a brief summary of what children in Kindergarten in the Whitesboro School District will learn.


    Count to 100 by 1's and 10's

    Write numbers from 0-20

    Count to tell the number of objects

    Compare numbers between 1-10

    Add and subtract fluently within 5

    Solve addition and subtraction word problems

    Work with numbers 11-19 to gain a foundation for place value

    Compare objects by length and weight

    Recognize and identify coins and their values

    Identify 2D and 3D shapes

    Identify positions - above, below, in front of, behind, next to



    Identify all alphabet letters and sounds

    Identify all 40 High Frequency Words from Reading Street series

    Story Comprehension - characters, setting, major events

    Retell familiar stories including key details

    Identify and produce rhyming words

    Engage in reading groups with leveled readers


    Write all letters of the alphabet legibily with proper letter strokes.

    Write first and last name

    Use sight words in own writing

    Complete writing tasks including opinion point of view, statement of information, and narrative. 

    Illustrate work with details


    Spell words phonetically

    Use a capital in the first word in a sentence and when using the pronoun  I

    Recognize and name end punctuation

    Use and understand question words

    Social Studies

    Learn and respect individual differences

    Learn about family traditions

    Study American symbols, holidays and celebrations

    Learn about rights and responsibilities in the home, school, classroom and community

    Name and understand rules in a variety of situations- school, bus, fire, traffic, water

    Use maps and a globe

    Describe how weather affects people and communities

    Identify basic needs and wants


    Earth & Space

    Weather/ Seasons


    5 senses (& how animals use senses)

    Changes in properties of water or matter

    Needs of plants and animals