• 7th & 8th GRADE BANDS


    All Band Members – Essential Elements Book 2 for your instrument (red stripe at the top)

    Flutes – Cleaning rod and cleaning cloth (a handkerchief works well)

    Oboes – Several wood reeds (medium or medium-soft), small container with lid (like what you might use to pack salad dressing in a lunch)

    Clarinets – A box of Rico Royal or Mitchell Laurie reeds (#3), cleaning swab, cork grease

    Saxophones –Rico Royal reeds (#3), neck strap, cork grease

    Trumpets – valve oil, slide grease (please make sure your tuning slide works before returning to school in the fall)

    Trombones – Trombotine (slide grease), mini spray water bottle

    Percussion – Drum sticks (5B) with wooden tips


    Items are available for purchase online (www.wwbw.com, www.amazon.com, etc.) or at Big Apple Music in New Hartford.  I would recommend calling Big Apple before visiting (800-317-9566), as many stores run out of these items during the first week of school.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Joslin at ejoslin@wboro.org.