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    • An extensive K-12 curriculum development process involving a Curriculum Council, provides for an annual curriculum review. Approved revisions are implemented and field-tested to keep pace with new requirements and educational trends.
    • Excellent class sizes at all levels allow individualized instructional approaches.
    • Psychological, social work, speech therapy and medical services are provided.
    • The District has implemented a comprehensive K-12 instructional computer program.
    • Art, music, and physical education are an integral part of our K-12 educational program.
    • Quality programs are offered for gifted and talented students and students with disabilities.
    • Foreign languages (French and Spanish) are offered in grades 7-12.
    • The District supports and funds a Professional Development Plan that trains all instructional staff in research based programs, learner-focused schools and dimensions of learning.
    • An in-school suspension program provides students an opportunity to continue their education while still restricting their activities.
    • The current budget is $63 million.
    • All schools maintain close communication with parents, guardians and community members through the use of newsletters, back-to-school nights, academic progress reports, parent conferences, media and web pages.
    • District PTO's are highly involved and responsive.
    • A positive teacher/administrative relationship exists with constant, open communication and an excellent labor relations record.
    • The faculty is stable, averaging 12 or more years of teaching experience, with a majority holding a master's degree.
    • The District has a Teacher Center, supervised by a full-time teacher director. The Center offers both in-services and graduate courses for staff.
    • A Peer Mediation Program is offered in grades 7-12.
    • Bridge Builders Program at the high school promotes diversity and tolerance.