Meal Charging Procedures

  • Dear Parent/Guardian:

    The Whitesboro Central School District Food Service Department continues to work to ensure consistency in its meal charging practices. Both the Administration and the Board of Education collaborated on developing a new meal charging policy. On 01/07/2014, the Board of Education approved and adopted a new policy. From that point on, new procedures were implemented to help collect funds owed to the School District and these procedures remain current today:

    • All students in grades 6 through 12 who owe money for more than three lunches ($7.20), will begin receiving an alternate lunch of peanut butter and jelly (or allergy specific alternate) until their account balances have been paid off.
    • All students in grades K through 12 who owe money will not be allowed to purchase snacks, extras, drinks other than milk, or any other item than a lunch or breakfast, even if they have cash in hand. Students can choose to put that cash on their account, or keep it, but they will not be permitted to purchase the item.

    We understand that many accounts have accumulated high balances, and that payment in full may not be possible at this time. Please call the Food Service Department office at 266-3315 to work out a payment schedule. Older students will continue to receive the alternate lunch and all students will be prohibited from purchasing extra items until accounts are paid in full.

    Thank you,

    Angela Aguiar

    Whitesboro Central School District Food Service Director
    Whitesboro High School
    6000 Rt. 291
    Marcy, NY 13403
    (315) 266-3315/