• Spanish 3 (NYS Checkpoint B)                                                             


    Whitesboro High School – Mrs. Bunal                                                 

    Room 500 -   2021-2022


    Course Description:

    ¡Bienvendios! Spanish 3 is a continuation from Spanish 2. As a prerequisite for this course, you must have taken and passed Spanish 2. Spanish 3 (this year!) has a NYS Checkpoint B Exam in June.  In order for a student to complete the World Language sequence and receive credit towards his/her regents diploma with distinction, he/she must pass the course AND the Checkpoint B exam.


    This course will consist of:

    • Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening Activities
    • La Cultura Diaria: Daily cultural information: Students will be required to take notes on cultural topics almost daily. At the end of each marking period, students will be tested on this information. Use of their notes will be allowed.
    • Frases del Dia: Daily phrases/expressions: A total of 60 phrases/expressions will be given to students throughout the school year. Students will be tested on these throughout the school year.
    • Verb Tenses: Review and introduction of new tenses: The following verb tenses and expressions will be reviewed and/or taught.
    • *present tense
    • *present progressive tense
    • *near future expression
    • *recent past expression
    • *tener expressions
    • *hacer expressions
    • *preterit tense
    • *imperfect tense
    • *commands (positive & negative)
    • *future tense
    • *conditional tense


    • Vocabulary: Topics include technology, recipe/cooking, environment, weather, travel, authentic food, and Checkpoint B repeated vocabulary words.


    • Grading Policy

    Tests – 30%

    Quizzes – 25%

    Homework – 20%

    Classroom participation – 25% (this includes daily activities done in-class)




    • Benchmark exams will be given throughout the school year.
    • A midterm in January & the Checkpoint B Exam in June.
    • Class work is due at the end of the period.
    • Homework is due by the google classroom deadline. (Often times, this is midnight of the day it is assigned, this way it can be graded and sent back to you BEFORE your class time.)
    • We begin each day with a bell-ringer, and end each day with a culture fact. You are responsible for typing these up every day. If you are absent, you must e-mail me, or get them from a friend in class.
    • We will be working (safely and distanced) with friends in class, don't be shy!
    • This is a language class, therefore you will be required to speak. In English and in Spanish, daily. I will be calling on every student at least once a day by the use of popsicle sticks. This has always been done to encourage you to answer, speak and get comfortable in class. 
    • If you are absent: Please e-mail me or check the Google Classroom for the assignment. You are still responsible for the assignment.


    • Chromebook (Charged and ready to go every single day!)
    • A folder that you can put important Spanish class notes in + your tests and quizzes.
    • a writing utensil


    Classroom Expectations:     Be on time!           Do your job!           Be nice to people!      Be safe!