What is GAFE?
    Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a free cloud-based service that allows students and teachers to communicate, collaborate, and store information in a secure cloud environment.
    Do other schools use GAFE?
    GAFE is used by millions of students across the world, at K-12 schools, colleges and universities. 66 of the Top 100 colleges in the nation are utilizing GAFE (according to US News & World Report).
    How much does GAFE cost?
    GAFE is completely free for schools and their students.
    How is a WCSD GAFE account different from a personal Google account?
    Only Google apps and services that are applicable to an educational setting are available in our WCSD GAFE domain. Additionally, logging in to the WCSD GAFE domain is done through a separate login page other than the login page utilized for personal accounts.
    How does GAFE help students collaborate?
    GAFE facilitates collaboration in several ways. One key feature is the ability for multiple students to compose and edit a single document at the same time, without having to physically be in the same place. This level of collaboration is not possible with traditional document creation tools, even when in the same classroom.
    Can I email my child at his or her WCSD GAFE account email address?
    No. WCSD GAFE student email addresses are only able to send and receive email to and from other WCSD GAFE email addresses or other approved educational services. Any changes to this policy will be communicated to parents in advance.
    Can my child send email to family members or friends who do not have a WCSD GAFE email address?
    No. WCSD GAFE student email addresses are only able to send and receive email to and from other WCSD GAFE email addresses or other approved educational services. Any changes to this policy will be communicated to parents in advance.

    My child is having problems with his or her Google account after school hours, whom can they contact?
    WCSD is not able to offer after-hours support for GAFE accounts. Student should report any problems to a teacher or Technology Department staff member upon returning to school.

    Are there consequences if my child misuses his or her GAFE account?
    Your child’s use of GAFE is covered under the Acceptable Use Policy, Internet Use Policy, and Code of Conduct.
    Will my child be able to access their GAFE account outside of school?
    Yes, from any Internet-connected Windows or Mac computer, iPad or Android tablet, or any other with a supported web browser and access to the Internet.
    What if my child already has a personal Gmail account? Can he or she use this account instead of the WCSD GAFE account?
    No. Students must utilize their assigned WCSD GAFE accounts to take advantage of our GAFE domain.
    Can parents receive a free WCSD GAFE account and email address?
    No, WCSD is not able to offer GAFE accounts to parents. You may create a free personal Google account by visiting

    Will my child be able to access their WCSD GAFE Google account from a smartphone?
    If they choose to do so, students may access their WCSD GAFE accounts from their smartphones. Please note that this will constitute data usage on their smartphone plan; connecting to Wi-Fi when available will avoid excess data usage. WCSD is not liable for data charges or fees resulting from GAFE use on personal smartphones or other devices.

    Does my child need a specific device to access GAFE?
    No. GAFE works on any Internet-enabled device with a compatible web browser, including Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones.
    I do not have Internet at home. What resources are available to my child?
    The WCSD GAFE domain can only be accessed using an Internet connection. Wireless Internet access is provided in all WCSD school buildings. Access after school is available in media centers during scheduled hours. Public libraries also offer free Internet access in their buildings and may be helpful for weekend or evening access.

    Will students see advertisements when they use GAFE?
    No - as long as students are logged into their WCSD GAFE account, they will not see advertisements.
    Will email filtering (inappropriate words, etc.) work when my child is sending and receiving emails from home? 
    Yes. All email is filtered regardless of where the student accesses the account. All email coming to and leaving from the WCSD GAFE is filtered to ensure the appropriateness of all text and material.

    Does Google own the content created in GAFE?
    No. In the WCSD GAFE domain, the District maintains ownership of all content produced and stored in GAFE.
    Does Google share the information in GAFE?
    No. Google does not share any data or user information in GAFE with any other party. Google complies with FERPA (Federal Education Regulation and Privacy Act) regulations.
    Is there a risk that the email my child receives at home on their WCSD GAFE email account could contain a virus that could infect our home computer?
    Student email from our GAFE domain is filtered and comes only from other WCSD GAFE accounts and approved educational domains, reducing this risk of messages with viruses or malware. Email filters are not infallible - there is risk inherent with any email system, that viruses and other malware could infect a computer. It is best practice to ensure that you have a reputable free or paid antivirus/antimalware program on your computer, such as Microsoft’s Security Essentials ( WCSD is not liable any damages resulting from messages received in GAFE.