Elementary Art

  • Teachers: Mrs. Jones Mrs. Papandrea
    The Elementary Art Program enriches the entire elementary curriculum. There are four components that create a quality program. They are: Aesthetic Perception, Art Criticism, Art History and Culture and Art Production and Creative Expression. These four components will be part of our art classes and will provide a strong connection to curriculum integration. At each grade level, students will:

    Practice problem solving and critical thinking.
    • Learn about history and culture through art.
    • Learning to use senses more effectively to explore the world.
    • Use both verbal and nonverbal methods to express abstract ideas and emotions.
    • Learn to trust and develop creative intelligence.
    • Learn concepts and techniques that will give them control of the visual images they produce.
    • Learn to identify aesthetic qualities in a variety of artwork and in the environment.

    • Learn the language of visual art so that they have a precise vocabulary in which to express their ideas.
    The Importance of Art in Child Development
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