• Class Materials:
    2 Pencils
    1 Folder with 2 Pockets
    Classroom Expectations:
    • Enter class prepared and on time
    • Place all belongings under desk that do not pertain to health class
    • Copy down any homework assignments and begin working on bell work
    • Complete all guided notes thoroughly during instructional time 
    • Participate in class discussions in a thoughtful and respectful manner
    • Complete exit ticket assignment
    • Clean up work space prior to leaving class
    • Demonstrate kindness in all interactions 
    If you are absent:
    Check the classroom calendar to see what was missed, and collect assignments from the absent work bin. It is the student's responsibility to fill in missed notes, complete worksheets, and schedule any necessary make-ups.  
    Grading will be based on:
    • Assessments: 40%
    • Class work: 25%
    • Participation: 15%
    • Health Fun Packets (Exit Tickets): 20%