MVCC College Connections

  • 1. Student must first meet with high school guidance counselor so that counselor can confirm student meets qualifications.

    Student qualifications:

    • Be a high school junior or senior
    • GPA of B/80/3.0 or higher
    • Recommendation to participate by guidance counselor

      2. The student must then sign up to take the MVCC Placement Test. To register for the Placement Test, go to, then in the upper left hand corner, go to Quick Links, drop down, and select Placement Testing. Once on the Placement Testing page, students will select “schedule to take placement test” and then must register for one of the dates designated for College Connection. Results will be given to the Director of School and Community Outreach, who will then forward results and recommendations to the high school guidance counselor.

      3. Student will meet with guidance counselor and counselor will assist the student in searching for a course to take at MVCC. If the guidance counselor and student need assistance in selecting a course, they can contact the Director of School and Community Outreach, who will provide advisement at that time.

      4. Once a course has been selected, the guidance counselor will then complete the High School Program Registration form and the student and parent will sign. (All areas must be complete, including the CRN, course name, semester student plans to attend, etc. If the form is incomplete, it will be returned to the Guidance office).

      5. The student’s counselor will send a cover sheet, current copy of the student’s transcript and the completed High School Program Course Selection form to the Director of School and Community Outreach (fax: 315.792.5422).

      6. The Director of School and Community Outreach will then forward the form to the registrar’s office to ensure the student is enrolled in the proper course.

      7. Students will be mailed a registration printout that lists information about the course he/she has selected and will also receive a billing statement.

      8. During the semester, the student can access support services on the MVCC campus, including advisement through the Outreach Office (ACC208).

    Below, are the only available test dates for high school student programs. You must pre-register (visit the following link:

    No retests will be permitted due to budget constraints and no additional test dates will be added. Please do not call or email to request retests or additional dates, as we will be unable to accommodate either of those requests.