• Our Mission

    The School and Business Alliance (SABA) assists students in making successful transitions from school to careers and supports the development of a qualified workforce in the Mohawk Valley. Well-educated strategies are used to help students understand the world of work, decide on a career, post-secondary studies and transition to the workplace. Partnerships between business, community agencies, school districts and colleges provide opportunities to understand the 21st century skills necessary to be college, career and citizen ready.

    Our Strategies

    Career Exploration - Grades 4 through 12

    Career Specialists team with classroom teachers to broaden students' awareness of personal skills that are transferable to the workplace.

    Career Speakers - Grades 4 through 12

    Our business partners visit classrooms on a regular basis and participate in career days to share information about career opportunities and job skills required.

    College Tours and Activity Days - Grades 8 through 12

    Students become acquainted with the campuses of New York state colleges and meet with admissions and financial aid representatives.

    Career Tours - Grades 9 through 12

    Students visit work sites, learn about careers and job skills and understand how their studies relate to workplace skills.

    Summer Work Opportunities - Grades 9 through 12

    The School and Business Alliance and Oneida County Workforce Development partner to provide paid work-readiness opportunities for students.

    Career Shadowing - Grades 10 through 12

    Each year more than 1,500 students spend the day participating in a work site shadowing experience. Shadowing help students gain real-life experiences and learn first-hand about the careers they are considering.

    Health Careers Program - at T.R. Proctor High School - Grades 10 through 12

    A SABA Career Specialist and Nurse Instructor help students explore health careers and learn medical basics. Topics include: Medical Terminology, Health Careers I, Health Careers II, Anatomy and Physiology and summer Internship Experiences.

    Colgate Seminar Program 

    This program is taught by Colgate University professors on the Colgate campus. A series of 12 seminars is offered to high-ability students in junior and senior high school. The sessions are developed from a list of about 20-25 subjects and are held once a week during the months of September, October, November, January, February and March. Each cycle consists of three to five sessions, and make-up sessions are offered. Students are notified of the subjects in advance and are requested to list their preference or interest.

    Career Specialist 
    School and Business Alliance career exploration specialists are available on an itinerant basis. This service supports district activity by integrating career development into the curriculum. Career specialists provide career exploration activities, job 
    readiness and curriculum enhancement.